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Fresh Flower

Flower is the trimmed and cured bud of a female cannabis plant. As with wine grapes, there are different varietals of cannabis flowers, which we call strains: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Each strain has a unique flavor and combination of active ingredients, and provides a subtly different effect.

Good Greens Dispensary!

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Nestled near downtown Tulsa and the historic Black Wall Street is Good Greens Dispensary-Tulsa (GGDT).

At GGDT, our customers come first!



Our Vendors!

War Room will be at Good Greens EVERY Tuesday! 

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Did you know

For residents of Oklahoma who cannot become a registered patient with OMMA, there is CBD. The legalized supplement that can deliver most of the cannabinoid health benefits as marijuana. And you don’t need a medical card to purchase.
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1333 N. UTICA AVE. TULSA, OK 74110 

Monday - 09AM to 8 PM

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